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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Smooch Stop #20

Hey Smooch Stoppers:

We're back at our blog today with a post from our very own Emily McKay and a not-your-everyday tens list. 

Take it away, Emily:

There are days when writing a blog post like this one (top ten list of anything) is easy-peasy. Today was not one of those days. Maybe it’s because I just finished a book and my few remaining brain cells are currently vacationing in Cancun sipping ‘ritas on the beach. Or maybe they’re already in a sugar coma from all the Christmas cookies. Who knows.
Whatever the reason, a top ten list about anything had me flummoxed. Oh, I had ideas, they were just all stupid. I even wrote one entire top ten list that was dull I actually fell asleep in the middle of number nine (which was homemade chocolate chip cookies. How boring does a list have to be for cookies to put me to sleep???) So I decided to treat you to a list of all the top ten lists I toyed with and decided not to write. The reason why I ditched the list is in parentheses. 
  1. Top ten snacks to eat while on deadline (this ended up reading like an article for Fitness magazine. Until I got to the cookies, anyway)
  2. Top ten movies to watch while on deadline (the real answer to this is: “Zero. Put down the remote and get your butt back to the keyboard.”)
  3. The best ten deserts I’ve ever eaten (Not a bad idea... but it’s not like you could run out and eat these yourselves, so it’s not super helpful either)
  4. Top ten hot environmental activists (okay, I was going to have to research this one, ‘cause my current list only has like two guys on it, but I’m sure I could find eight more)
  5. Top ten words I misspell every damn time I type them (I told you some of these ideas were real stinkers!)
  6. Ten movies I wish I’d seen this year (Well, I didn’t see them, so I don’t have anything clever to say about them)
  7. Ten movies you couldn’t pay me to see (see above)
  8. Top ten embarrassing conversations I’ve overheard at the gym (Let me tell you, this blog would be looong. Like, I could write a novel about the crazy crap I’ve overheard at the gym. Hmm ....)
  9. Ten ways to waste time on the internet (If you need someone to give you a list of ways to waste time on line, you’re an idiot. Some things should just come naturally.)
  10. Top Ten songs of teenage rebellion/angst (Okay, this list has huge potential. It could It could be great, or it could be horrible and make me look old. I mean, it’s not like I would include Elvis songs or anything, but still ...)
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  1. Top ten Anti-Jokes! Those things keep me entertained for hours!!

  2. Top ten places to hide my chocolate stash from my family! (sadly they find it anyway so I'm not sure why I even try to hide it!)

  3. Top ten reasons they shouldn't change back from daylight savings time. (Wouldn't have anything to do with it's dark at 4pm now would it?)

  4. top ten conversations I have in my head that no one else is aware of and I bring forth the conversation in the middle of other conversations ... (then I think to myself, why the heck am I even having this conversation with myself in the first place?!?!?!?!?!?!)


  5. Top ten reasons why a lot of things we learn in math class are unnecessary (really, who needs to know a lot of the things they teach us in calculus?).

  6. when is tempest unleashed going on shelves?, and im writing a book called (forgetful fins)what do you think Tracy ? oh and my name is caitlyn

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