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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's finally here!

After 24 months of hard work and lots of love and laughter, we proudly present The International Kissing Club.

Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way:  our agents, Emily Sylvan Kim at Prospect Agency and Jessica Faust at Bookends; Stacy Cantor-Abrams, formerly at Walker Books (sniff--we miss you already!); the inimitable Sherry Thomas, who shared laughter with us along the way; and our families and friends who suffered and celebrated with us.

With much love,
Ivy Adams
(Emily, Shellee & Tracy)


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  2. Big Congrats and Happy Happy Release Day ladies! I'm so excitied for you guys and can't wait to read this book! My copy is supposed to be here today but since I need to run to B&N anyway I'm picking up a second copy. I'm always the last stop on the list for UPS and I don't want to wait until tonight to get started reading!! :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to read it (:

  4. Happy Release Day, Ladies. Congrats!