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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Week's Contest

Since it's been so miserable and dreary here in Austin for the last week (though the sun has finally managed to break through) I thought I'd give myself a little boost by imagining summer sunshine.  So for this week's giveaway, I'm doing a "Fun in the Sun" basket, complete with all kinds of fun summer stuff along with some cool Tempest swag I just put together.  So leave a comment for the question of the week to be entered to win!  Winner will be posted on Sunday :)

Question of the Week: Name one writer whose books totally blow you away, and tell me why.  For me, recently, it's been Cory Doctorow, whose books Little Brother and For the Win just speak to me on every level imaginable.  Talk about a brilliant writer and an incredible storyteller.  But I don't want to ruin the review I have planned for sometime in the nebulous future, so I'll stop myself there.  For now!


  1. Nalini Singh and her Psy/Changeling and Archangels series. I've enjoyed and loved all the books she's released so far and I can't help but fall in love with her characters and storylines. She's one of the best authors I've ever discovered.

  2. Sherrilyn Kenyon! I LOVE the Dark Hunter series!!!!! To take a line from my review of one of her stories...

    "Ms. Keyon has such an eloquent way with description that this reader could actually feel a physical pull into the story. I laughed, I cried, and I even hurt."

    Thanks for the great event!
    mleger0546 AT rogers DOT com

  3. I love the House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristin Cast! They're my favorite books and they have such an interesting take on vampires, or in this case, "vampyres," unlike any I've ever read before!

  4. Oooh, so nice to meet like-minded people.

    Garrett, I've read every House of Night book (except the newest which is on the top of my TBR pile) and love them all. Though I do think Betrayed is my favorite.

    Yzhabella's Bookshelf, you don't even have to say anything else after Dark Hunters. Sherrilyn is amazing! Who's your favorite Dark-Hunter (besides Acheron, of course?) I'm still a huge fan of Zarek's. I read his story until it fell apart. But my favorite book was Vane's. Sigh. So romantic.

    Jeanette, I'm a huge Nalini fangirl. Like gigantic! When she gave me a beautiful cover quote for my dragon series I was nearly incoherent with joy.

    Isn't it awesome that there are so many great writers out there?

  5. Coleen Gleason's Gardellia Vamp series had me reading one book right after another. I think I managed to read all 5 books in this series in about 3 days. The main character Victoria was kick ass and she managed to be that way in an era where the clothes and actions of an unmarried lady were very closely watched and controlled.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Perfect timing for some fun in the sun - it's been a miserable week and I think the lack of sun here in the midwest is starting to add up!

    I'm currently in an Ilona Andrews lovefest. I think her Kate Daniels series flows so well from book to book but still keeps the big story arc still there. I get frustrated when a book in a series doesn't leave me somewhat satisfied when I hit the last page (even if I'm dying for the next book).

  7. Vicki Lewis Thompson is one of my favorite authors and I always try and grab her books the minute they come out. I've been reading her Nerd Series, alread read her Hex series and I just got Her Werewolf in Manhattan and will be starting it ASAP. It's been pretty cold here this week, I could use a summer basket. Right now it's 10 degrees outside.

  8. Pamela Clare's romantic suspenses blow me away. You feel for and actually care for the characters. Pamela's books are full of suspense and they're sexy.

  9. I have so many favorite authors but to narrow it down......(besides you, because I truly believe you have an amazing voice in writing)....I'm going to say Lora Leigh! What I love about her is that she writes so many different "types" of books and yet they are all amazing! It doesn't matter if I'm reading one of her "Breeds" books or her "Nauti" series or any of the others.....she writes a lot but she writes so very well! I've never been disappointed with any book of hers!

  10. Sherrilyn Kenyon. She creates such vivid characters and amazing worlds. Love her books.

  11. you have to give Jennifer Estep a try!! Spider's Bite is the first book in the series and Gin is an incredible character - she's an assassin and I can't get enough of her :)

  12. Lisa, I like Colleen Gleason, especially when she's writing as Joss Ware.

    Alcott, I haven't tried Ilona Andrews, but it looks like I'll have to remedy that.

    Linda, I've only read Vicki's Blazes. I'll have to give the others a try.

    Jane, Pamela rocks :)

    Blanche, You are so sweet. Thank you so much. And Lora is a fabulous person as well as a #1 bestselling writer.

    Crystal, yes, Sherrilyn is absolutely amazing. I've been a fan FOREVER.

    And Melanie, Jennifer is at the top of my TBR pile. I will have to read her next.

  13. First of all, thanks for hosting this contest, Tracy! The author that blows me away with her books has to be Courtney Summers. She wrote Some Girls Are, Cracked Up To Be, and very recently, FALL FOR ANYTHING. I absolutely love her books because they are gritty and realistic. Fall For Anything blew me away with the writing and the story. She is an amazing author, and never fails to blow me away with her books. :)

  14. When I finished reading Julia London's "The Year of Living Scandalously", I yelled, "nooooo!" because she left it on a cliffhanger (for the next book about another couple; the main couple in the book has their HEA). Does that count?

    I read "Little Brother" a while back, too. I was attracted more to the technology mentioned in the story than the Big Brother aspects.

  15. Better late than never?
    I have enjoyed Sandra Hyatt's first two books. Her third is out, but I don't have it yet (HIS BRIDE FOR THE TAKING?).
    I read an excerpt I just loved, loved, loved, so I'm hoping this will be a new author to watch: Tina Radcliffe's THE RANCHER'S REUNION.

  16. I agree Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh are wonderful writers. I will have to check out Colleen Gleason. I am currently in love with Dianne Sylvan Queen of Shadows and Tracey O'Hara Night's Cold Kiss. Waiting axiously for book 2 of both books.