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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Finally Back-- Just in Time for International Kissing Day!!!

OMG, sorry for the month long break, but Zero Day, my Armageddon/Dystopian YA seriously kicked my butt this last month.  Usually I can write a book comfortably in three weeks, but this one nearly killed me (and took twice as long).  But it's done now and I promise to stop neglecting this blog ... at least until the next crazy deadline comes along.

Actually, there are going to be some changes happening here.  I'm adding on my two writing partners for The International Kissing Club-- Shellee Roberts and Emily McKay (Together we are Ivy Adams)-- who will start blogging here next week!!!

In the meantime, here's the rundown on IKC:

Four Best Friends …Piper, Cassidy, Mei and Izzy are the misfits of Paris, Texas. Too artsy, too determined, too smart and too hip to fit in with the rest of their classmates, they’ve spent most of their sixteen years determined to escape the stifling fishbowl of life in their small Texas town.

One Mean Girl…
Enter Germaine Stewart, mean girl extraordinaire and undisputed queen of Paris High School. Head cheerleader and girlfriend of the coolest guy in school, she’s made it her life’s mission to torture Piper and her friends … a mission that leads, among other things, to Piper kissing a pig in front of the entire school—in her underwear.

Ten Million YouTube Hits…
When the Kiss the Pig video hits YouTube and Facebook there’s nowhere in the entire state of Texas—or America—that Piper can hide. Desperate to escape the pig noises that follow her every waking moment, she becomes an exchange student to the real Paris. Only her friends can’t let her go alone and soon Piper, Mei and Cassidy are heading to different countries for the adventures of their lives, while Izzy is stuck at home.

The International Kissing Club Facebook Page …
To make their time abroad more interesting—the girls form the International Kissing Club, a Facebook fan page where they record each boy they kiss while abroad—or at home, in Izzy’s case (one point for a regular kiss, three for a “transcendent” one).

Too Many Kisses to Count …
But while each girl meets a guy who curls her toes, their twelve weeks on their own teach them a lot more about themselves and their friendship than they ever expected.

And Ivy Adams:

Ivy Adams is the pseudonym for three friends and writing partners: Emily McKay, Shellee Roberts and Tracy Deebs.  Though the International Kissing Club is their first novel together, they have written over thirty novels between them.  They shop, gossip and watch movies in Austin, Texas.
You can find out more at our Facebook Fan Page (website to launch soon):
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for an excerpt of IKC!!!  Happy International Kissing Day-- and happy kissing ;)


  1. This book looks adorable! Thanks for sharing! (:

  2. Hi, everyone! Emily McKay here, one third of Ivy Adams. Thanks, Tracy, for the warm welcome and for letting Shellee and I piggy back ride on the blog. We're super excited to be here.

  3. Thanks, Tracy, for the intro. I'm the other third of Ivy Adams and I can't wait to give everyone a peek into the world of the IKC!

  4. Hi Tracy, Emily and Shellee!!
    I'm really looking forward to this book!:)