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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tempest Unleashed

So, the good news came through a couple of weeks ago-- I'm definitely going to be writing the sequel to Tempest Rising-- squee!!!  It will be called Tempest Unleashed and it's due to hit shelves next May!!!! 

Since I'm in the middle of writing it now, I thought I'd throw an excerpt up for you guys, since I've been getting a lot of emails about the second book.  And check back regularly-- I'll be popping excerps up regularly in the next few weeks as I write :)

Have a great weekend!

I swam even closer.  I didn’t know what I was doing now, what I was thinking.  All I knew was that I couldn’t resist the sweet, dangerous siren’s song of the shore.  Not this time.  Not right now.
I was almost there now, was so close that my toes brushed against the ocean’s floor even with my head above water.  The cold squickiness of the sand squished beneath my toes as the waves crashed against my shoulders.  It was all I could do to keep my balance against the raging  of the early morning ocean.  I stumbled under the onslaught, nearly fell, and that’s when I figured out what I had done.

For the first time ever, I had changed without conscious thought.  For the first time ever, my tail had effortlessly become legs again.  Despite all of the powers my mother had handed down to me, shifting had never come easy to me.  Moving between human and mermaid form usually took long, agonizing minutes.
Kona told me it was normal, as did my queen and many, many others.  They assured me that, with time and practice, it would get easier—and faster.  What would they say now, I wondered as I stumbled towards shore.  Would they be proud of my instantaneous change, or alarmed by it?

I didn’t know, and as voices rang through the air for the first time, I didn’t care.  They had come.

At first I couldn’t see anyone, could only hear them.  A laugh, a shout, the excited murmur of people about to do what they loved.  But I knew those voices, those laughs.  They belonged to—

Scooter strolled across the sand, his beloved surfboard under his arm and his crazy hair blowing in the soft wind.

Tony came next, his dark skin shimmering in the early morning sunlight.
Then Bach and Logan, my best buds from my former life.

But even as my lips curved in response to the huge grin on Logan’s face, I was searching for him.  My eyes combed the sand while every cell in my body strained that last little distance towards the shore.

There!  There he was!   A little late, a little rumpled, he was bringing up the rear and closing fast the gap between him and the others.

A shudder worked its way through me when I allowed myself to finally think his name.  I’d put him out of my mind for all these long months, refusing to dwell on what we’d had—what we’d lost.  Or, more precisely, what I’d thrown away.  But now he was here, right in front of me, and I could barely catch my breath.

The board in his hands was new—and sweet—but everything else about him was exactly as I remembered. 
Same wild, blond hair.
Same warm brown eyes.
Same strong jaw and broad, well-muscled chest beneath his favorite electric green wetsuit.
Same wicked grin.

I felt myself melt at the sight of it, was surprised I didn’t turn into a puddle and mix right into this ocean that had taken so much from me.  And given me so much, I reminded myself.  The ocean had given me everything these last months—as had Kona.  But never had it been so hard to remember that, when my sight and my heart and my very soul were filled with Mark and the others.

I took a deep breath and could almost smell the sweet, musky scent of him.  I longed for it, as I longed—in those moments—for the feel of his arms around me.

Would it ever go away? I asked myself bitterly.  Would these feelings I had for him ever disappear completely?  Or was I stuck with them forever?  Mark had been such a big part of my life for so long that there was a part of me—even after all these months—that felt empty without him.  Incomplete.  Like a surfer without a board, an ocean without a shore.

Without making a conscious decision to do it, I moved even closer.  Not so close that I could hear what they were saying but close enough that I could get a good look at Mark’s gorgeous face. 
Like the rest of him, it was exactly as I recalled.

As the days and weeks and months had passed, I’d expected him to fade from my memory, until he became nothing more than a boy I used to know. 

Until I couldn’t remember how he looked.
 Or how he tasted. 
Or how his hands—rough and calloused-- used to feel on my back when he pulled me close and murmured that he loved me.
That hadn’t happened.  Instead, everything about him had grown clearer in my memory, like it had been minutes and not months since I’d last set eyes on him.
God, I’d missed him.  The thought I had held at bay for far too long came crashing down on me like a tsunami.  Missed him so much that I ached with it. 
It was stupid, ridiculous, wrong. 

I closed my eyes as I berated myself, unable to look at Mark any longer.  I’d made my choice, after all.  Long before we had officially broken up, long before I had returned to the ocean to carry on my mother’s duty, I had chosen Kona.  Beautiful, wonderful Kona, whose eyes were so deep and dark that I could drown in them.  Whose smile wasn’t wicked but sweet, whose scent wasn’t dark and musky but clean and fresh like a summer sea. 

And Mark had made his choice as well—a cheerleader, for God’s sake—as different from me as he could have possibly gotten.  No matter what I had told him, no matter what I had told myself, it had been a slap in the face. 
I held on to that thought, and the emotions it brought back, in an attempt to ground myself.  To focus.  I didn’t belong here, didn’t belong with Mark anymore than he belonged out at sea with me.  I needed to remember that. 
I would remember that.

Filled with determination and a renewed sense of purpose for the life I had chosen, I opened my eyes.  Searched the sand for one last glimpse of my friends as I prepared myself to go back where I belonged.  But as I scanned the beach, memorizing the tableau they all made standing there, Mark turned … and looked straight at me.

Our eyes locked—across the wide swath of sand, across the endless yards of ocean—and I saw his beloved chocolate brown ones widen in shock.  For long seconds, he didn’t move and neither did I.  And then he was tossing his surfboard on the ground and running straight into the water. 
Straight to me.

So, what do you think? 


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now it's clear why this is called a teaser! It's an amazing start to the sequel- however.... I think I will be needing an ARC so I can read the whole story! I recommended your book to 5 or 6 teens in Barnes and Noble yesterday- and I will be writing a formal review for Tempest Rising that will be posted next to your book in the store. :0) Would you like a copy?

    My students will read and review too- I'm passing off 4 books tomorrow to 4 eager teen readers. They will LOVE it!

    If you don't remember [probably not with the HUGE crowds] I am the middle school teacher you met at the RT convention. My kids and I read and review YA boks for a Recommended Reads program.

    Have a great day... and I'm serious about the ARC...or a manuscript...or an left me desperate! {congratulations!:0) It's the sign of an amazing writer!]


    Beth Duncan
    "For Teens, By Teens" Recommended Read program

  2. Is it May yet? I seriously do not think I can wait that long for this book. I fell head over heels in love with Tempest Rising and it doesn't look like I'll be released from this spell anytime soon.

    I have already converted three of my best friends into fans and I can't wait to show them this teaser. The name certainly fits because I am riveted. In fact, I think I'm going to go reread it 8 times in case a new paragraph pops up.

    Ever since I met you at Katy Budget Books I have become a huge fan. I adore Tempest Rising and am happy to say it has a spot on my favorite’s shelf. You created some awesome male characters because I pretty much love both Mark and Kona. And Tempest is what I like to refer to as a KBH, kick butt heroine.

    Thank you for writing such an amazing mermaid book and for giving us this story!

  3. Oh. My. God. I cannot wait until this book! It's my favorite mermaid book, and that's high praise! Gah, next summer's going to take so long to get here! Oh, and I can't wait to see the cover of this book, too - I hope it's just as beautiful as the first's!

  4. I'm so excited for Tempest Unleashed!I can't wait to read it as I absolutely loved Tempest Rising :)

  5. MAY MAY MAY..........seriously, can it be May already!!? YAY I'm so glad we get more of Tempest!!

  6. Beth, of course I remember you! Thanks so much for all you've done for Tempest and me-- I'll send you an ARC as soon as they are available, plus one for International Kissing Club, if you'd like!

  7. Bwyatt, just wait until next week ;)

    Oh, Amanda, thanks so, so much! Nothing's better than when someone loves your book enough to tell her friends about it. It was so nice meeting you at Katy BB-- hope to see you there again sometime :)

    Blanche, lol. If you skip to May, you'll miss the next two dragon stories ... Just saying ;)

    Yay, Garrett, thanks so much! You just made my week :)

    Eerica, I'm so glad! I'm thrilled you like Tempest :)

  8. Blance, if you skip to May, you'll miss the next two dragon books ... just saying ;) Thanks so much, though! I'm so glad you like my first YA :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I'm so so glad you are writing a sequel! I loved Tempest Rising and this one sounds amazing! I cant wait! I love the title and I can't wait to see the cover!

  10. Oh my goodness! First off, what happened to her being happy and loving Kona? Why go back to Matt of all people! And now that he saw her, he is going to want answers if she talks to him! Cannot wait!

  11. Ok, after the next 2 dragons it can be know there isn't a chance I'm missing my dragons! :) Dragons and is good to be a Tessa Adams/Tracy Deebs fan!!

  12. Thanks, Kaylene! I can't wait to see the cover either, lol!

    Abigail P.-- there's a lot more of Tempest's story to come ;) Her feelings for Mark are definitely not resolved yet ...

    Blanche, I just got the cover for the eshort-- I'll post it in the next couple of days. And thank you so very, very much for being a Tessa Adams/Tracy Deebs fan :)

  13. May is too far away!! I'm really glad you're doing a sequel. I loved Tempest Rising and had hoped there would be a second book. And what a teaser! I can't wait!!

  14. i luuuuuuuv it. and i can't wait til may. atleast, the last maximum ride book comes out in february. that will be my only companion until may. but its kinda awsome the book comes out in may because my birthday is that month. sweet i kno what i'm gettin myself for my fifteenth birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  15. Awesome! I NEED another excerpt now, please! :)

  16. I hope she stays with Kona. I hate it when a book's main character strings along two guys. she MUST choose. KONA. (:

  17. I think that the whole not being able to choose between 2 guys is getting really old. She chose Kona at the end of the last book and it should stay that way. Maybe her and Mark can be JUST friends.

  18. I agree with Anonymous: Tempest should forget about Mark and be happy with Kona. I think in the end that Tempest will choose to be a mermaid permanently to be with Kona. But I also think that Tempest was a bit inconsiderate about her family's feelings. I mean, what would her siblings and dad's reaction be when they found out she was gone? Plus, Tempest said that she would never be like her mother and leave her family. But that's exactly what she did. Tracy, is Tempest like ever gonna have a part time life in the sea and on land? I hope she does in the end.

  19. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I should have posted this before my previous comment, so here goes.....

    This summer, I was bored out of my mind. My family weren't going anywhere or visiting any relatives. All of my favorite books were part of series and the authors were slow to get them all published. So I was at Keplers ( a local bookstore in Menlo Park, California ) and were picking off random books off the shelves to read. Most of them were new books by old authors, or vice versa. But I happened to see Tempest Rising on the bookshelves so I opened it and started to read. I was completely into the book; I love Tempest Rising! You are a great author, Tracy! So I stayed at Keplers or a few hours to finish the book. I found this blogsite at So now I will come to this site regularly to read excerpts from Tempest Unleashed, share comments withe Tracy and fellow fans, and get book recommendations. So, I'll be around, and nice to meet you everyone!

  20. Book Recommendation:

    Ripple by: I forgot the author.

    Lexi killed her boyfriend at her 16th birthday party. She didn't mean to, it was just an accident. But Lexi is a siren. 250 years ago, her ancestors were cursed to be sirens forever. Sirens are not ordinary mermaids; they are humans who are cursed to swim at night and sing haunting melodies that lure men to their deaths. After she killed her boyfriend, Lexi retreated into a cold, icy shell and drove all of her friends away out of the fear that she might kill them all. But she meets 2 awesome guys- the first, a boy named Cole who loves her, and 2, a nix ( type of boy siren, but they drown women in rivers by force ) who claims to know how to end her curse... and now Lexi must choose Cole or the nix.. a choice with stakes as high as her heart and life.

  21. Tracy, please, I want another excerpt! Hurry up and finish Tempest Unleashed for the sake of your fans... I can't wait till May!!! Good luck writing!

  22. Tracy, is there another book after Tempest Unleashed? I urge you to make Tempest books a series, I HATE it when good series end.

  23. This sounds amazing! But I have to say that I really want her to stay with Kona, Mark is ok, but she is definitely meant to be with Kona. They're perfect for eachother. So please, keep them together

  24. I can't wait! What dragon stories? I don't like mark she should be with kona

  25. when is the book coming out cause my mom said she was gonna buy it for me for Christmas is that to early

  26. i love tempest rising i need to read more lol when is the book gonna be out ?

  27. well i found this book at Barron's and noble i was hiding form my mom so i picked up an random book i stuck it in my face the i started to read lol(retard right jk)i feel in love with it my mom spoted me and grabbed the book away and sayed we are leaving i grabbed the book back and sayed you buy this now she laughed and bought it cause i never read wow

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Omg, I CAN'T WAIT!!! Hurry!! Why isn't it MAY yet?! TELL ME!! Ohh! I can't wait, IDK which boy I prefer. Crap.. I think I prefer Mark!! I usually wouldn't choose the human boy, but this series is just so amazing, that I have to go with the human boy this time. GAHH! I will buy this book ASAP when it comes out

  30. When is Temptest Unleashed coming out? Btw I loved the first!!!

  31. Omg Kona!! i loved him. He was soo sweet!! I hope he and Temptest have a beach wedding!

  32. That is awesome! I can't wait to read the sequel. I finished rising tempest in only 2 days and can't wait to read this. I love Tempest and Kona. They are so cute together. Please add a mushy gushy scene between those to. That would be awesome. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the next book or glimpse you put up.
    Waiting Forever,

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