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Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Can't Help Falling In Love

I was all set for a different post today, but then something happened over the weekend that demanded something else. I fell in love.

The object of my affection is elusive, but when it appears the feeling is magical. A quixotic blend of disbelieve that I’ve found it and fragile hope that this won’t be the last time. That what happened on Saturday afternoon was not an isolated incident, and that another will follow, and another one after that.

I’m speaking of course about a decent romantic comedy. If you have not yet seen Crazy, Stupid, Love I beg you to stop what you’re doing right now, and run, don’t walk, to your nearest cineplex. After years of subpar romcon offerings with Katherine Heigl overload I’d feared this sub-genre’s glory days were behind us. Last year was bar none the worst year for this theatric sub-genre maybe ever. Other than Date Night, which had comedy heavyweights Steve Carrell and Tina Fey to lift it up, the offerings were dismal. Anybody see The Switch? When in Rome? The Backup Plan? I haven’t even bothered with these on NetFlix.

But Crazy, Stupid, Love gives me hope for a renaissance. The characters are wonderful and real; the situations are laughable, sometimes sad, but always heartfelt; and the dialogue sparkles. I’m such a sucker for really witty dialogue. I won’t give away the awesome twists and turns of this well-written, well-crafted flick, but I assure you Ryan Gosling's abs are just the icing on the cake. And, by-the-way, Kevin Bacon is holding up remarkably well, too. Seeing these two in the same movie makes me want to pull out Footloose and The Notebook and curl up for an afternoon of deliciousness. Oh, and Dirty Dancing, too—see the movie and you’ll know why.

Seen it yet? Did you love it?


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but I have seen the trailer, which is why I'm looking forward to it. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I haven't seen it yet either! The trailer is so cute and my fingers are crossed that while my daughter is up here visiting next weekend she will take pity on her old Mom and go with me to see it. :)

  3. I promise, y'all will not be disappointed!