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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Contest Wednesday: What's in your wallet?

Or, in your purse?
Mine is a mess and I desperately need to clean it out. I think there's an entire box of animal crackers ground to dust in the bottom of my purse. (And if it's not animal crackers, then I don't want to know!)
What's the weirdest thing in your purse (or wallet) right now? I'll pick one person to win a five dollar gift card from Amazon.
Btw, someone reminded me that I never announced winners on like two other contests. So check back tomorrow and I'll announce the winners for all three.


  1. I cleaned my purse out over the weekend so there isn't much in there. I guess it would have to be the little tubes of eye drops that hubby uses. He had Lasik eye surgery 3 years ago and still has a bazillion of those little tube things.

  2. Well this is only weird because as a rule I don't wear make-up, but there is both lipstick AND tinted lip gloss in my purse right now.

  3. Hey there!
    Do you only offer cards ... or do you also offer instead for Canadians?
    Just curious....

  4. Oh, I'd do whatever was easiest for the winner!