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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Awkward much? Absolutely.

Awkward describes most people’s experience in high school and mine was no different, if not more in some ways. Short, boobless, and 85 pounds...of hair. Curly hair in a humid clime is a bane that must be lived to truly comprehend. But I digress.

TV’s portrayal of high school awkwardness usually means twenty-something Abercrombie + Fitch models (seriously, even the hottest guy at my school wasn’t model hot), a best friend vs. bad boy love triangle with the nerdy but cute nobody (when? when does this happen? cause I was that girl and this never, ever was the situation), and at least one pregnancy scare episode (this did happen, but not in high school, thanks gods).

Anyway, my point is, and I think we all agree, Hollywood glams up high school because really, why would you want your escapist entertainment to be the life you’re already living? It’s kind of like me watching The Office.

My So-Called Life came closest to capturing the messy, highly-charged hormonal roller coaster of those years. And one of the swooniest moments in TV history. You know the one (Jordan Catalano, how I miss you). But shows like this are few and far between. Lucky for us, the between is now.

If you haven’t seen MTV’s (I know! How?) new show, Awkward, well what are you waiting for?? And, no, it’s not about Teen Mom’s mom explaining how that’s her grandkid, not her own baby, for the gazillionth time. It is actual not to be missed scripted YA television. I literally snort-laugh every single episode--I wish I could write dialogue like these writers. With only four episodes so far there’s definitely time to catch up. Plus, it comes on late on Tuesdays so you can watch it while your guy’s already sacked out and he won’t razz you for watching MTV, like you do when he watches the friggin’ Kardashians (boobs, I bow to your magnetic powers).

Jenna is the cute but nearly invisible girl who catches the eye of tall, goofy, but popular, Matty. There’s hooking up, longing, a possible besties love triangle, and a mean-girl cheerleader--all my favorite elements. Did I mention the longing? And tall, goofy guy--my kryptonite? It’s a one-two power punch for me. Please, I’m begging y’all to watch this so we can discuss all the yummy goodness together. Tracy, Emily, I’m specifically looking at you.

Anybody watching Awkward? Tell me you love it!!

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  1. I have seen the previews for this one! My son was watching something on MTV and it came on, I thought it was a movie trailer....wasn't paying real close attention! I'll have to check it out!!