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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Modern food coupon

Usually, we writers stick close to home, but Monday was one of the weird days when I planned to be out all day. It started with plans to drive my guy to work and was just busy, busy, busy from there. The snag? I forgot my purse at home.
And, with all the busy-ness planned, I just couldn't drive home to get it. So my guy gave me the twenty in his wallet when I dropped him off, and I was (I hoped!) set for the day. True, I felt naked without my cell phone or my wallet, but surely I could make it through the day. I didn't have any shopping to do. My car didn't need gas. All I had to do really was feed myself and get home in time for dinner.
I'm a little disgusted with myself to admit this, but I wasn't sure a twenty would be enough.
$2.55 for a bagel and shmear, plue $2.05 for a mug of joe later and I was even less sure. I was now down to fifteen dollars for lunch. But I needed somewhere I could sit with my laptop and squeeze in some work for several hours in the afternoon. Maybe I could have made a run for the border and hung at Taco Bell for about five bucks, but I also needed wifi. Panera came to my rescue. Eleven bucks later for a premium salad and an iced tea and I was set for the day. I made it home, strangely proud of the three dollars plus change in my pocket. But a little embarrassed too.
I'd once laughed at a friend who referred to a twenty dollar bill as the modern food coupon. "You are such a single guy!" I told him. Now, I can't help thinking my grandmother would be ashamed of me. She lived on $20 a week back in the thirties when she and my grandfather first married and she never misses an opportunity to tell me about it.
So how far can you go $20?
Since we missed yesterday's hump day contest, I'll pick one person to win a copy of my latest book.


  1. You did really well and to have change lefover......that's fantastic! I'm not sure if $20 would stretch for a day, it would be hard but it would also be a very neat challenge (and I love challenges!). Maybe I should take a $20 and my netbook or Nook Color and go and and see how far it would get me for a day!

  2. I think you should, Blanche. I'll try once I get the boys back in school since, when they're around, $20 doesn't even get Taco Bell ...

  3. I think it depends on how healthy you want to be. If I were still drinking pop (I quit Oct 29/10), I would go to a restaurant (like Kelsey's or Montana's) that had lots of tables and unlimited pop. As long as there wasn't a lineup of people wanting my table between lunch and suppertime, I could get a lot of work done with a salad for lunch, and then a burger/fries for supper, all for less than $20 (at least where I live). It's all in what you order, as oftentimes the healthier it is, the more expensive it is.... The bonus is that when you have your receipt, you can logon to their web site, tell them about your excellent service, and then be in a draw for a free gift card, appetizer, etc.

  4. I should add that many stores offer coupons, so that would help even more in the savings department!

  5. Coupons help, as does eating at a restaurant with a daily deal or specials. I often find an appetizer will work instead of an entree and can be cheaper. I'm glad you saw the 20 dollars as a challenge and had fun with it.

  6. I'm really awful with managing money, so twenty dollars wouldn't last long for me at all. Which is probably why it's a good idea I'm taking a Personal Finance class my senior year. :D