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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cover flats! Yay!!!

There are a couple of really exciting moments in the life of an author.
Getting "the call" that someone wants to buy your first book. Yeah, that's up there. Pretty freaking cool. Selling a book you really, really love. Yep that's cool too.
But one of the weird things about selling books is that it's a long process. It's a contractual agreement. There are negotiations involved. So, you get the call (from your agent if you've got one), you run off to have a celebration. She or he gets to work. Sometimes, weeks pass. You don't feel like you can tell that many people. It's not a done deal yet. What if the editor changes her mind? (That actually never happens, but I'm a worst-case-scenario thinker.) What if, I've finally taken that last trip around the bend to loonyville and I imagined the whole thing? (Has also, never happened. Yet. But see above.) So I always end up waiting to "announce" that I've sold a book until I see the contract. And then I'm not super excited anymore. So I don't get to share the excitement with anyone other than my hubby and my agent.

That's one of the cool things about working on IKC. There were three of us! We got to share all that excitement and joy and love and ... And we had witnesses we could trust to confirm we were delusional. Just happiness all around.

This weekend I had another one of those joyous, happy fun moments. We all got the cover flats for the hardcover of IKC. It's beautiful! Just so pretty! I took pictures to share with you. Shellee took some too and hers are probably better ('cause just used my iphone and she has a great camera.) So maybe she'll post her's too.

The hardcover will be out at the same time as the trade paperback. It's for libraries and stuff, so the trade will be what you'll see in stores. But if you love hardcovers, you should go pre-order it on Barnes and Noble, 'cause right now they have the hardcover for only $10.97 and the cover price is higher, so it'll probably go up.

But for now, just enjoy our beautiful cover! I know I am!!!