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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meet Mei: Resident Brain and Guitar-Playing Badass of the IKC

"Sorry, but I put my trust in Sir Isaac Newton and a little thing called gravity.  There's no way you're going to talk me into getting on that thing."

Full Name: Mei Jones
Age: 16
Sign: Gemini
International Destination: China, which is one really, really, really long flight away from Paris, TX
Favorite Guitarist: Eric Clapton and Jack White
Favorite Color: Black, which is actually all the colors. Unless you’re talking about light, then it’s white that is made up of the entire color spectrum. Or … never mind. Black. My favorite color is black.
Favorite Food: At this point, anything edible. But I do have a soft spot for Wasabi ice cream.
Favorite Nail Polish: Crimson and Clover, after the Joan Jett song (she’s another kick-butt guitarist, btw)
Favorite Sport: Does Academic Decathlon count?

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  1. Haha, she sounds hilarious! And I have to say that Academic Decathlon is an intense sport.