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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet the Boys of the IKC: Lucas - The Guy Down Under

 Lucas McCann: charming, golden surfer boy with a heart-melting dimple - he's any girl's dream. So  what's a girl like Cassidy Barlow to do when falling in love is the absolute worst thing that can happen?

(Shellee's note: I loosely based Lucas on Australian surfer Julian Wilson--that's him on the left and below.)

"So, let me get this straight: you came all the way to Australia to kiss guys?" Lucas gave her a sidelong glance. 

Cassidy came back to the conversation at hand. She heard the incredulity in his voice and was glad it was dark, because pink was not a good color on her, and right now she was covered in a huge blush head to toe. "I told  you it was stupid."

Why had she told him anything about the IKC at all? She blamed that damn dimple--it was like Kryptonite; she was powerless against it. He could charm anything out of her when that little divot made an appearance. 

He slouched a little in his seat. "So, how many points do you have so far?" For the first time since she'd met him, Lucas didn't sound so surfer-Zen-go-lucky. 

"Me? Oh, see...actually..." she fiddled with the zipper on her sweater as she practically glowed red. She should make up some number. What did it matter? He'd never know. God, if he were playing this game, he would probably have twice the points she did in just the time it took to drive over here. 

"Tell me. It's a lot, right?"

She sighed. This was so embarrassing. "Three. I have three points."

"'ve kissed three guys since you've been here," he said, his tone deflated. "Are you still seeing them, the other guys?"

What? No. Wait...what was that? If she was better at reading guys, she'd say he sounded pouty and a little bit jealous. 

She'd never had a guy be jealous over her before. Cassidy didn't  know how to take this development at first, but then she considered it. It was way sexy.

The idea that he didn't like the thought of her kissing other guys gave her off-court confidence a supercharged injection. She scooted toward him and in gesture a complete one-eighty from her usual reserved self, she did something she'd been dying to do since that day at the airport: she touched his dimple with the tip of her finger. 

Cassidy let it linger there before trailing it down his cheek to his chin to turn his head toward her. 

"No. The rules of the International Kissing Club state that I get three points for an amazing, earth-stopping epic kiss," she said with all the matter-of-fact seriousness she could muster. 

It took a moment for what she was saying to sink in, but then a grin broke out across Lucas's bronzed face, crooked and just a little cocky. Her insided turned molten. Oh. God. If he kissed her again now she wouldn't be much more than a puddle of mush on the vinyl seat.

"Epic, yeah?" His hand stole around the back of her neck and he nudged her nose with his. "I can live with that," he whispered against her lips. Cassidy closed her eyes and melted.

The International Kissing Club was Piper's Best. Idea. Ever.

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