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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RomCom, oh RomCom, wherefore art thou, Romcom?

My sister is in town (yay!) and we're having some much needed girl time. I love my sister. She's absolutely one of my best friends. We're very different people, but we always have fun and there are just ways in which she gets me like no one else does. And it's been a long time since we've just hung out together.

So I'm feeling very lucky to have her here. (And to have lemon ricotta cheesecake. But more on that later.)

Plus, as an added benefit, my hubby is out of town and since it's the day after Halloween, my kids crashed early. So my big sis and I get to watch some indulgent chick flick that we would never get to see if hubby/kids were voting.

The only problem is the appalling dearth of romcoms! We'd both seen Crazy, Stupid, Love, which was ridiculously good. And other than that ... well, there just aren't that many romcoms out there. Not recently anyway. Now, I don't actually expect there to be many as good as Crazy, Stupid, Love. 'Cause it was stupendous. I'm just wanting something in that ballpark with minimal gross-out humor. Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler need not apply.

We finally settled on He's Just Not All That Into You. I have to admit, I'm hesitant. I've seen the previews. The thread where Scarlet Johanson goes after a married man makes me nervous. Like, actually nervous. Frankly, the idea that she'd go after a married man seems more like a horror movie than a romcom. But my sister has seen the movie and swears that everyone gets what they deserve. And she's my sister. I trusted her to tie my shoes when I was five, I trust her to pick my movies now.

As for the cheesecake ... well, it's a new recipe. I'll have to let you know how it turned out too.

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