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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next on my TBR list...

Sophie Jordan spoke last night at our local writer's meeting. Though I'd met Sophie a couple of times over the years (since we're both Texas authors ... you just sort of run into each other occasionally), I've never read one of her books. However, I'd heard great things about Firelight, her 2010 YA. It's been on my Kindle since the summer, but other things were in the queue first (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging) or came so heavily recommended by Tracy (Lola and the Boy Next Door) that they could not be ignored. Both of those other books were totally charming, btw.

But now I think it's Firelight's time. Sophie read a short excerpt during the talk and now I totally want to spend the day curled up in the chair reading and sipping hot cocoa. In the interest of full disclosure, I've reached the point in my WIP where I have writer ADD. Today, I would rather write, I'd be willing to curl up in a chair, sip hot cocoa and do my taxes. Yes, it's that bad. But I will be a good girl. I will not read Firelight. I will not drink cocoa (not enough caffeine). Instead, I run full-throttle into the fray that is the big black moment in the book, knowing that when I read the other side, I have a luxurious day of reading waiting for me.

How do you reward yourself after you complete a big project?

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