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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fall Line Up

I'm literally drooling over the new fall TV season. Not–sadly–because I'm actually excited about any of the shows (though some look promising). Mostly I'm excited because I'm sick of summer TV.
In our house, summer TV is the land of boy TV. Hubby gets the remote in the summer. Only because there are no new sitcoms. Ah ... sitcoms. I'm a fan. I'm also a fan of Castle. And Psych. And I've missed them. Dear God, have I missed them.
So what is boy TV you may be wondering?
It's the Discovery Channel. It's How It's Made. It's Myth Busters. It's thirty minutes about concrete and steel. Possibly animals. Maybe fish. Definitely crabs. Dear lord have you seen The Deadliest Catch? It's about crabbing. Guys on boats in Alaska fishing for Crabs. Seriously. It's been on for 7 seasons. Seven. I'm not making this up. My eyes roll back in my head when it's on. And it's on a lot in the summer.
Which is why the thought of scripted TV makes my heart thunder with excitement. This week and next there are some new shows on. Tonight, my palms were a little sweaty.
Here are the returning shows I'm excited about:
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
The Office
Cougar Town
Here are the new shows I'm panting for:
Up All Night
Once Upon a Time
Grimm (I'm not committed, but curious)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (only 'cause I love Jamie Pressly)
2 Broke Girls (only 'cause I love Kate Denning)

But rest assured, no matter how good any or all of these shows are, they will not lessen my love of Awkward.
What are you excited about this fall?


  1. I've never heard of some of these or they're nto available here, but I'm looking forward to Castle and the Big Bang Theory.

  2. Petra, the truth is, I wouldn't have heard of most of them either. But one night my hubby was watching some show about building a new skyscraper. To avoid either
    a) screaming in annoyance, or
    b) having my eyeballs explode
    I went to all the network websites and watched previews for all the new shows. So I'm better informed about new shows than I've ever been before.

  3. What? I love Deadliest Catch!! All 7 seasons, baby. Can't wait for Psych and Castle. And, of course, Vampire Diaries. And I'm interested in this new show with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ringer. But I really don't have room in my schedule for something new...ya know, books to write and all that ;)