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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Okay, I'm in...

Last night, Shellee finally convinced me to watch Awkward.
It's not that I was vehemently anti-awkward or anything. I just didn't know it existed. Plus, I don't have a lot of spare TV time. But I guess the weeks of Awkward recaps finally wore me down. This morning I watched the pilot on line.
So, two thoughts. First off, how great is it that we can actually watch TV shows online. I grew up in a world where, if you missed a great pilot, you were sol until December when the network started showing reruns. Of course, that was also the world of three channels and rabit ears. Yes, I'm rabbit ears old. Sad, isn't it? And though the changing world of television has brought many evils to us (infomercials, Fox News, etc), it's been redeemed by three fantastic words: Watch Full Episode. Internet, I love you.
But here's my second thought: Awkward, where have you been all my life? I sure could have used you when I was in high school. All I had to rely on were John Hughes movies. And those only came out every year or so. So far, none of the other teen TV shows have appealed much to me. Vampire Diaries is so angsty and brooding. There's not enough humor. Gossip Girls and Dirty Little Liars, too elitist. But Awkward? Awkward is a show I can get behind.

So what's you're favorite teen show?

And speaking of behind ... I'm so behind in announcing winners for my contests (like a month behind! Ack!!!) So here are the last for winners for contests from this blog. If you're one of them. Just email me at Emily at EmilyMcKay dot com with your info. Thanks!
August 31 -- Blanche
August 4 -- Laney4
July 28 -- Garrett

(See, told you I was far behind! I'm *so* not good at time management! )

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