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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bugs suck

I mean bugs of the virus variety, not the eight legged variety. (Though, to be honest, even though I'm generally an eco girl, I don't particularly like roaches. Or scorpins. Or ... well, you get the point.) But the bugs I hate are flu bugs and cold bugs and ... you get the point.
So, here's the real point: I have sick people in my house this week. Sick, male people. With apologizes for making generalizations about so many people at once: men are whimps. And they're so whiny when they're sick.
My brain is shot. My patience is shot. Long story short, blogging is a mite beyond me today.
So instead of being entertaining, I'm just going to buy your loyalties. I'll be giving away an amazon gift card to one person who responds with a story about the worst time they were sick.


  1. I totally feel your pain! So my story isn't about me, because well, I'm a girl and I'm not whiney. But my husband... now that's another story. About 2 years ago he had to have emergency back surgery. Yes, it sucked. When he came home he couldn't lift anything (so no housework, convienent right) he couldn't get up or down by himself, or even change his own clothes. So the in-laws came to stay (no explination needed of the stress that added to the situation). 4 days later his gut still wasn't functioning properly and he was screaming in pain from his back & being "backed up"(thank you anesthesia) so we had to go to the ER. (trust me you don't want details) I wont' give deets about how the doc "fixed" the "problem" but I had to drive all over town to find his Rx. With his parents at the house talking about how he was going to die and this was sooo awful (over react much?). I flipped my lid and yelled at everyone and stormed out of the house. (yes childish, but I was so stressed I wasn't thinking properly). Needless to say, the in-laws left. Then he developed pneumonia. So was catering to his every need, whim, etc. I love him (I must, I didn't leave him after all that) but he still whines about how bad those 3 weeks were. I think I'm going to "hurt my back" for 3 weeks soon. I wonder how that would turn out for me. ;)
    Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Ironically, my husband has a cold right now too. so I'll be going home to fix him some soup and baby him some more. Don't get sick yourself.

  2. Oh, Britney, I can so sympathize! As whiney as men are when they're sick, I can only imagine how annoying it is to have to deal with that plus in-laws. It's stressful having in-laws around, no matter how great they are. It's just added stress. Yes, you definitely deserve three weeks of being babied!

  3. Lets see, the worst time I was sick would of been when i was 8, I had a stomach flu; It was horrible I had body fluid's coming out both ends sometimes at the same time. I had a temp so high they put me on a medication that had me seeing purple elephants, and pokadot snakes... (although i think that was probably the more amusing to me than it was my parents) Anyways. My mom decided to take me with her to a DOTZ meeting at The local KFC because she had no one to watch me, and fed me drum sticks. Which at the time were my favorite food of all especially from KFC. It probably wasnt the smartest thing for her to do because of the grease I ended up throwing up at the restraunt.. everywhere.. I was panicing and trying to cry for mommy between mouthfuls of vomit. I was embarrassed and sick and miserable. (although i think mom was pretty embarassed too.. and im pretty sure KFC lost some customers for awhile...) We went home and I just couldnt stop crying because i was embarrassed and tired and sick. Mom wised up and only fed me chicken broth and boiled chicken for the next few days. We didnt go back to that KFC ever. Thankfully dad got reassigned to another army base. It toke forever for me to enjoy KFC again too. ugh.

  4. The worst time I was sick was two summers ago when I was in India. It was about the time the H1N1 scare was going around and I got this flu that just wouldn't quit. So I'm thousands of miles from home, throwing up, with a high fever and shakes, muscle aches and exhaustion and with all the hysteria going around I was half convinced I was going to die overseas. Which led to me having my first real panic attack which meant on top of all that I thought I was having a heart attack at one point. It was pretty intense.

  5. Did anyone win this?