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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghost World: Vampire Diaries Recap

The Least You Need To Know: Bonnie bringing Hot Jeremy back from the dead = consequences. Remember how Damon tore werewolf Mason’s heart from his chest? Apparently you can’t keep a dead werewolf down, cause he’s back.

INT: Salvatore manse. Damon’s chained to a chair, poker protruding from his chest. He rouses. Dead Mason watches from the sidelines. Damon spies his magic sun-walking ring on the floor. Haha—very funny, Stefan. Uh, not me, bro, says Stefan, who can’t see Dead Mason. But he does help Damon out by removing the poker, though not the chains, before leaving. Dead Mason reveals himself to his killer then throws open the curtains. Damon sizzles.

Cut to…another effing festival??? This theme is seriously starting to wear on me. Anyway, Mayor Mom announces it’s the Night of Illumination, something the vaunted founding families started after they vanquished the vamps back in the day. Alaric and Hot Jeremy are there, so is Dead Anna, when Elena walks up. Jere and Dead Anna hold hands, invisibly. (I just love them!)

Bonnie and Caroline hang lanterns, rehashing the Jere/Anna sitch. Bonnie’s jealous. Damon pulls up—Hey, Bon, remember the whole consequences thing? Dead Mason just tortured me. Fix it. Stat.

Sidewalk bistro. Guardian Ric and his Gilbert wards are lunching. Elena’s been reading Stefan’s vamp diaries--they need Lexi to save his ass. Uh, she’s dead, E. Yeah, that’s why I’m telling you, Jere—cause you see dead people. Guardian Ric does not think this is a good idea.

Matt swears to Bon that he hasn’t seen Dead Vicki since they sent her away last episode. And he’s done with ghosts, so he won’t help with this. Bonnie’s bag drops. Her grimoire magically opens to a manifestation spell.

Dead Anna tells Jere not all ghosts stick around—some find peace. Also, don’t tell your sis I’m here cause she won’t like it. Jere jets and Stefan takes his place. When he sees his old journals he tells Elena to stop torturing herself with the past, better for everyone. Also, I might grab a bite to eat at the festival tonight, he says. Haha, very funny Stef.

Bon takes Caro to the dingy room where she resurrected Jeremy, while the resurrectee confronts his dead ex-girlfriend about making him lie. Anna tells him E would tell Bonnie about her, who as his current alive girlfrient would be understandably pissed. The witch that helped Vicki is helping you, right? Jere asks. No, I swear, she says, you’re keeping me here by thinking about me all the time. Jere feels some guilt. Send me away, Anna dares him. Jere struggles, but then lays one on her. Awwwww. In the dark room, Bonnie chants, leaves stir.

The Grill. Dude, Ric, let’s have a drink, Damon says. No, dick, I don’t like you anymore because you killed me, answers Ric. Well, remember when you liked me and we killed Mason Lockwood together? Fun times. But he’s back and pissed.

Caro’s freaking out cause Bonnie’s chanting and candles flare. Woosh. Whitley Gilbert appears as Bonnie’s dead witchGram. Then, Elena walks in and sees Jere smooching Dead Anna. Stefan ambles down the sidewalk and boo—it’s Lexi. Ric and Damon are enjoying a scotch when Mason joins them, cracking a tumbler on Damon’s head.

They’re baaaaaaacck…

Dead Lexi is super-pissed at Stefan for going ripper. Again. I don’t want your help, says the blood addict. Too bad, says Lexi. Knocks him to the ground.

Bon’s all teary over witchGram who tsks tsks her over bringing back Jeremy. You opened a door, girlfriend, and the O.W. (Original Witch) used it to let all the ghosts out. Gotta close the door. Got the necklace? Nope, Damon does.

Elena’s getting all righteous on her cheating brother’s ass, when Caro calls. Hey, don’t tell Bon, but guess what I just saw, she says. Well, get the necklace back from Damon and we’ll send the ghosts back to hell, says Caroline. On her way to find D, Elena runs into Dead Lexi. I can show you how to save Stefan, she promises.

Mason wants to save his nephew, vampwolf Tyler, from Klaus’s evil clutches as much as Damon wants to save his li’l bro, and he might know the whereabouts of a weapon that can do it. First, say “I’m sorry”,Damon. Good luck, Ric snorts. Damon manages some rambling pseudo-apology. Good enough, says Mason. Meet me in the Lockwood cellar, alone.

Lexi has chained up Stefan in some cell (I think this would better for me if he was shirtless, too). Elena tells her how Klaus compelled her love to turn off his humanity. Then make him to switch it back on, Lexi tells E. Take away the blood lust first, she says. This might sting. Lexi stares into his eyes, he starts twitching.

Lockwood Cellar: Mason tells Damon about a legend for killing an Original Vamp that the Lockwoods buried, perhaps behind this brick wall. Damon busts through it. After you, he says.

Stefan is starving—well, hallucinating he’s starving per Lexi’s mojo. But it might be working. When Caro calls, Elena asks her to hold off on vamoosing the ghosts just yet. Oh, and then Caroline spills the beans to Bonnie about the Jere/Anna kiss?!? You can not tell this girl anything.

Jeremy’s searching through the festival crowd for Dead Anna—oops, sorry, dude. He bumps into a guy, and oh, shizzat! It’s the tomb vamp from Season 1. Mayor mom takes the stage. Hey, where’s our speaker? Cue scream…speaker’s bloody body hangs from a tree. Tomb vamps fist pump.

Tortured Stefan begs Elena to help him. I love you, Elena, he pleads. Elena shakes her head. He gets mean. It’s all good, Lexi assures. Rage is an emotion. But just for good measure, she stabs him a couple times. Elena can’t take it and runs out, sees the commotion at the festival.

Looking for the perpetually missing necklace in Damon’s room, Caro answer’s Jeremy’s call about the dead tomb vamp situation. They better hurry. Well, check your dead girlfriend, cheater! Anna swears she doesn’t have it, but disappears when he turns his back.

Dead werewolf and un-dead vamp wander through darkened tunnel. They examine Damon’s trust issues when they come upon a fork in the road. Damon forges on, but  a booby trap impales him with stakes, pinning him in a place. Mason, some help? Mason?

At the festival, Jere tells Elena he doesn’t want to let Anna go. He loves her. For always. She’s a ghost, it’ll never work, says the human in love with two vampires. But Anna overhears. Word. She holds up the necklace.

Abandoned, Damon tries to un-stake himself, but Mason reappears with the shovel? axe? and frees him. They have a moment. Dead Mason confirms what Anna’s been saying—everyone’s alone on the other side, watching the ones they love go on with their lives. He just wants to help Ty. Redemption, not revenge.

Caroline and Bonnie are driving back to the festival. WTH? It’s a car accident. Mayor mom. Oh, crap it’s the tomb vamps going in for the kill. Caro tells Bonnie to go on, destroy the necklace, I’ll kick ass here.

Anna says a tearful goodbye to Jeremy. She only wanted to find her dead mom, so she woulnd’t be alone anymore. They embrace. He promises she won’t be but turns and walks away.

Lexi battles Stefan. E tells to hurry cause the necklace is about to be dunzo. Lexi says it was Stefan’s symbol of hope. Ah, the irony, he says.

The force that keeps uninvited vamps out stop Damon in the tunnel. But not Mason. Pissed off Bonnie takes the necklace from her cheating boyfriend and destroys it in the fire. Woosh. Dead tomb vamps disappear. Mason does see something in the tunnel, but then woosh, he’s gone, too.

Your Stefan’s still in there, Lexi tells Elena. You just have to break through. Woosh.

Anna walks down the street. Alone. A woman’s there. It’s her mom, Dead Pearl. Mother/daughter reunion (I teared up). Woosh.

Dead Gram holds Bonnie’s hand. You’re stronger than all of this, she says, before woosh.

Damon sits alone in the tunnel. Ric shows up. Stop calling me, he says. You’re the only other person I trust, Damon tells him. So, please get over me killing you. Apologize, Ric demands. Damon tells him the same babble he told Mason, but this time I mean it, he assures.

In the cell, Lexi gone, Stefan and Elena stare. What’re you gonna do now? he asks. Go home and take care of shite, she says. ‘Bout time you gave up, he replys. No, I still have hope, but if you don’t get your shizz together soon, you’re gonna lose me forever, she warns before walking out and locking the door. Stefan appears to contemplate this.

Bonnie tells cheating Jeremy to take a hike. He does. Then sparks fly in the fireplace. Bon investigates. The destroyed necklace has reappeared. The symbolism is deafening.
Ric, in the tunnel, lifts a lantern to the rock wall. It looks like glyphs of some kind—stick figures holding a sun and a moon. Dundundun.

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